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A real evolution of the steel, wooden, concrete traditional poles.

Our FRP COMPOSITE POLES  are eco-innovative product which offer real advantages, eco-logical, technical and economical.
Made by pultrusion or centrifugal, the COMPOSITE POLES with resin polyester reinforced by fiberglass rovings, mats or fabrics.
Colored with a pigment mixed with the composite resin and gel coat, not painted. In addition, the exterior surface of th pole is covered with a polyester veil impregnated with resin for UV protection. And to ensure long life. (Corrosion-resistant to pollutants such as CO² and roadway salt, etc,...
A execptional weight-mechanical performance, a pole of 7 M weigh 25 Kg. 
Our products are made as per ISO 9001 and conform to EN 40-7.

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The FRP COMPOSITE POLES offer a level of unknow passive-safety to this day.

FRP material have excellent mechanical properties to flexibility and deformation.

The FRP COMPOSITE POLES absorb a great amount of impact energy without causing injuries to humans. In automobile accidents involving poles, steel or concrete can increase traffic fatalities.

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